Nowadays, there’s never enough time to do anything, even relocating and cleaning up a house, because of the hectic pace of our lives. A move is an exhausting and stressful experience, and is regarded as one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. As a resident of a new area, one has to deal with several things while moving house, including changing the address of their house, scheduling transportation, packing their belongings, changing schools, jobs, and adjusting to a new environment.

With our professionals, you can be assured that your apartment or home is taken care of properly, also saving you hours of time and money. I am confident that you will be more than satisfied with the service we provide to you every time you hire us. The best thing you can do when moving houses is not to clean by yourself. Whether you’re Move In and Out Cleaning Services Abu Dhabi, Bright Star Facilities Management can assist you with both processes. Our professional cleaning services will take care of all your cleaning requirements whether you are moving out or moving in.

Mentioned below are few services that we cover:

  • All floors are swept, mopped and vacuumed
  • Window sills, window ledges and doors are wiped down
  • The entryway to your home is cleaned and set
  • Kitchen surfaces are cleaned with chemical agents, deep cleaned and sanitized
  • Refrigerator is cleaned inside and out (For this, We’ll need the refrigerator completely emptied out)
  • Bathrooms, sinks, tubs and showers are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
  • Light cleaning (no scrubbing or deep cleaning involved)
  • We also vacuum all the blinds, shutters and vents to remove dust and smoke

Would you like to have your home cleaned during a move-in and move-out? Our team is here to assist you. Whether you are Move In and Out Cleaning Services Abu Dhabi, our trained staff will keep your house spotless.

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